Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Lionel Camy

The Beast of Gévaudan

An unsolved enigma

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Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An unsolved enigma

1764. An unknown predator sows terror in the county of Gévaudan, a poor and isolated territory of the Kingdom of France. Both fearsome and elusive, the animal slaughters and devours hundreds of victims – mostly young cowherds. To the point that he will be nicknamed by the Church the "scourge of God".

Everything will be tried to destroy this beast of misfortune: massive hunts, the most gigantic of the time, will be organized, but nothing seems to be able to stop it, not even the bullets of hunters and soldiers. The Devouring Beast, which seems invincible, will even humiliate King Louis XV, who has become the laughingstock of England...

The Beast of Gevaudan is undoubtedly the darkest and most mysterious episode in the history of France. It has become legendary, but some might forget that it is a true story at the base, and it still fascinates many people, more than 250 years after the fact, all over the planet. Indeed, it is a real criminal case before its time. Was there one or more beasts? What exactly was this animal?

Who was hiding behind the predator? Werewolf ? Serial killer ? Revenge ? Conspiracy? Secret society? So many gray areas and unanswered questions that this book will try to answer, in all humility. So, don't wait any longer, dive into the greatest mystery of 18th century France!

Year of publication of the presented edition : 2022 (26 avril) (164 pages)

Editor : Afnil

This book was already released in 2016 in eBook format only (76 pages), under the title "The Enigma of the Beast of Gévaudan"

The author :

Recognized author and videographer, Lionel Camy is at the origin of several novels and of the Disparus series which lists cases of disappearances that are both true and mysterious. Passionate about cryptozoology, Lionel Camy deciphers for you the case of the Beast of Gévaudan which remains, in many aspects, unsolved to this day.

My opinion on the presented edition:

Nothing new. The author lists facts and hypotheses already known.

But, for me, the worst thing is the way the text is written. Lots of typos, for example, page 11, « …La Bête du Gévaudan est un sujet qui déchaine les passionne… », page 14,  a word is missing « … qui a été depuis rattaché ?? département de la Haute-Loire… », page 98, «…la peur ancestrale du loup est ancestrale

Other misprints, unforgivable on this type of work, page 67 «  … la baisse du nombre de traces écrites à partir de 1966… » then further « …Et, même si la bête est moins active qu’en 1965… », page 120, « …Même chose de décembre 1966 à février 1767… »

Others appear throughout the book and it is painful. I can understand a mistake or two, but that's too much.

In short, you have understood, I regret the purchase of this book which brought me nothing and which "stung my eyes" by its writing. I hope the author will quickly re-edit another redacted version of all those nasty typos.

In the meantime, I advise you not to buy this edition.

Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An unsolved enigma
Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An enigma

2016 eBook release

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