Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Lionel Camy

The Beast of Gévaudan

An unsolved enigma

1764. An unknown predator sows terror in the county of Gévaudan, a poor and isolated territory in the kingdom of France. Both dreadful and elusive, the animal massacres and devours hundreds of victims – most of the time young herdsmen. To the point that the Church labels it the “Scourge of God”. 

Everything is tried to destroy this beast of misery: massive hunts are organized, the biggest of the era, but nothing can stop it, not even the bullets of hunters and soldiers. The devouring Beast, who seems invincible, even humiliates the king, Louis XV, who becomes the laughingstock of England…

The Beast of Gévaudan is without a doubt the most somber and mysterious episode in the history of France. It became a legend, but some forget that it is a true story at root, and it still inspires numerous people around the world even 250 years after the fact. Indeed, it is really a criminal case before its time. Was there one or many beasts? What exactly was this animal?

Who hid himself behind the predator? A werewolf? A serial killer? Vengeance? A conspiracy? A secret society? So many shadowy areas and questions remain that this book will try to answer, with all humility. So, don’t wait, plunge into the greatest mystery of 18th century France!

Year of publication of the presented edition : 2022 (26 avril) (164 pages)

Editor : Afnil

This book already came out in 2016 as an eBook (76 pages) under the title “The Mystery of the Beast of Gévaudan”.

Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An unsolved enigma

The author :

A well-known author and videographer, Lionel Camy is the source of many novels and of the series the Disappeared which recounts cases of disappearances that are both true and mysterious. Passionate about cryptozoology, Lionel Camy deciphers for you the case of the Beast of Gévaudan which remains, in many respects, unresolved to this day.

My opinion about the present edition:

Nothing new. The author enumerates facts and hypotheses that are already known.

But for me, the worst is the way in which the text is written. Many typos, for example, page 11, « …La Bête du Gévaudan est un sujet qui déchaine les passionne… », On page 14, he forgets a word  « … qui a été depuis rattaché ?? département de la Haute-Loire… », page 98, «…the ancestral fear of the wolf is ancestral»

There are other misprints, unpardonable in this kind of work. On page 67 «  … the decline in the number of written records after 1966… » then a little later, « …And, even if the beast is less active than in 1965… », page 120, « … The same thing happens from December 1966 to February 1767… »

Other errors appear throughout the book and it’s annoying. I can understand one or two mistakes but this is too many. 

In short, you understand, I regret the purchase of this book which taught me nothing and which “picked the eyes” by its style. I hope the author will soon republish another version purged of all the disagreeable misprints. 

While waiting, I don’t advise you to buy this edition. 

Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An unsolved enigma
Lionel Camy The Beast of Gévaudan An enigma

2016 eBook release

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