Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Jean-Claude Bourret

The Beast of Gevaudan and other true stories

Under the reign of Louis XV, from 1764 to 1767, a monstrous creature sowed terror in the Gévaudan, killing 52 people.

A beast, certainly, but one which no one had ever seen before. Was it a wolf? A monster? Or perhaps a man? The mystery continues…

In Paris, in the 19th century, they say a silhouette is seen prowling through the cemeteries, hounding the dead – especially dead women. Is it witchcraft or sexual perversity? 

In 1977, in Uruffe, a town in Lorraine, a woman is found burned to ashes in her apartment even though the building remains untouched. 

How is this possible? The Beast of Gévaudan, the possessed women of Loudun, the vampire of Montparnasse, the phantoms of Trianon, the spontaneous combustion in Uruffe: facts aren’t always what they seem. Jean-Claude Bourret takes us on a voyage across time - and across reason - to examine mysterious events that, to this day, remain scientific enigmas. 

Year of publication of the presented edition : 2016 (285 pages)

Editor : Archipel

Livre Jean-Claude Bourret The Beast of Gevaudan and other true stories 2016

The author :
Born in 1941, a journalist and reporter, founder of the Press Club of France, television news presenter on FR3, TF1, La Cinq, as well as radio programs on RMC and France Inter, Jean-Claude Bourret has always maintained an open mind to the extraordinary, which he relays in this book with accuracy and passion.  

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