Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Élisa Sabathié & Marie-Pascale Vincent

The mysteries of Lozère

In the land of Lozère, fairies mingle with the giant Gargantua and, from the top of the deep gorge of the Tarn river, a phantom billy goat bleats hopelessly each night. Mystery permeates every fiber of this country.

Élisa Sabathié and Marie-Pascale Vincent lift the curtain over the ordinary and write of the astonishing destiny of the family Rimeize who, in their time, made all of Paris shiver with their impressive menagerie, of Celeste Albaret, a Lozerian governess who collected the little papers of Marcel Proust and those of the first brain surgeons practicing their craft 5,000 years ago…. 

You will be plunged into the wildest regions of continental France, a veritable Noah’s Ark for extraordinary wildlife, at the heart of which a legendary heritage still runs hot, instilling in men’s souls the crazy fear of famous, blood-thirsty beasts of the past, like the ogre Jean Grin who devoured children’s livers, or the famous bandit Mandrin, who came one fine day in 1754 to make trouble in the good town of Mende…

Year of publication of this edition : 2010 (363 pages)

Éditor : De Borée

Book from Élisa Sabathié - Marie-Pascale Vincent - The mysteries of Lozère

The authors :
Élisa Sabathié is an historical dramatizer. After having collaborated with monthly Via Toulousa for their cultural chronicles, it was within the framework of her visits to the museum Fenaille in Rodez that she began transmitting her passion for lapidary and popular history to a welcoming public. Her taste for extraordinary stories, excavated from the corners of living memory or archives, also allowed her to write the Mysteries of Lot.

Marie-Pascale Vincent, born in 1969 in Ardèche, and living in the Cevennes for over 15 years, she splits her time editing articles devoted to the rural world, historical works, and a novel collection of portraits in Women of the Burkina. From her village to elsewhere, from displacements to replacements, she is a photographer, a journalist and a writer, with two feet anchored in her homeland but a nomadic soul. Marie-Pascale Vincent lives in the heart of the Cevennes.
She writes regularly for the local and regional press covering agriculture, tourism and the development of the region. Her love of stories and meeting people, and her curiosity about the rural world, landed her on the trail of the Major Criminal Cases of Lozère and also Ardèche.

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Book from Élisa Sabathié - Marie-Pascale Vincent - The mysteries of Lozère

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