Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Ode to a victim

You make your way leisurely toward the hills, it is beautiful outside,

you are but a child.

Life, even if difficult during this period, doesn't stop you from enjoying it...

The sun shines bright. The pleasant scent of hay, just beginning to whither,

wafts through the air.

But what you still don't realize is that the Beast, la Bestia, lurks in the underbrush.

She is watching you, judging you,

waiting patiently for you to step exactly where she wants you.

You approach, unaware that death itself is watching you...

And in an instant, in one wild flash, she is on top of you, heavy and savage.

She seizes you by the neck, snapping her jaws, already dripping with your warm blood.

Shocked by the unexpected attack, you are overwhelmed by an unimaginable fear and an inconsolable sorrow that you cannot understand.

You struggle against it.

But when your spirit realizes its misfortune, it's already too late. Slowly, you slide into a dark peace which frees you from this evil.

The beast drags you toward the bushes, but you are already unconscious.

You have entered history for eternity.

PJ © 2020

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