Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Monique le Dantec

The wolves of Marvejols

Livre monique le Dantec - Les loups de Marvejols

A white Christmas in the heart of the mysterious Gévaudan, but it’s not at all a quiet holiday! 

A bourgeois family, neighbors who are young delinquents, and a pack of wolves nearby… unusual-- and perhaps incompatible-- ingredients in a Christmas tale like no other!

A boy with a racing imagination who is fascinated by wolves, a teenager who has come from the burning suburbs. Their encounter is explosive…and here, a story of the fraught adventure of these two young dreamers!

But it is also a clash between their hopes and the unforgiving world of adults, the misunderstanding between people separated by everything, even words, and an insightful look into characters with deceptive appearances who reveal their truth in the face of dramatic events. The question is asked: who are the real Wolves of Marvejols?

Year of publication of the current edition : 2009 (289 pages)

Editor : Morrigane

The author :
Monique Le Dantec is a French novelist born in 1945. She sets her stories in Paris or in the French provinces. It was around 1995 that she settled into writing and showcased a talent now recognized by her readers.

While this novelist prefers plots where the fantastic mix with the ordinary, or where the imaginary builds anticipation for what’s to come, she also knows that certain works should remain in their own time and that by sprinkling in a few simple facts, she can transform the story into a disturbing thriller.

Once more in this, her 5th novel, Monique Le Dantec brings us into her unique world, oscillating between reality and imagination, plunging us into the hearts and souls of her characters. A breathtaking book of sheer suspense which will keep you reading to the very end!

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Livre monique le Dantec - Les loups de Marvejols

My opinion :
Few references to the Beast. It’s a novel set in winter in Marvejols, recounting the story of a teenager and a child who have dreams. One dreams of freedom, the other of wolves. They come from different backgrounds, but their lives come together by chance under surprising circumstances. Will they be able to realize their dreams? Mystery…
I really liked the book. Even if the Beast is barely present, the story hooked me. Working in the social system, I was reminded of certain situations in which kids are not always the “problem”, but rather the revealer of something very profound in the environment around them.  

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