Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Marc Saint-Val

EVERYTHING about the behind the scenes of the Beasts of Gévaudan affair!

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Marc Saint-Val - EVERYTHING about the Beasts of Gévaudan case!

This book is the culmination of more than ten years of uninterrupted research relating to this case. It contains EVERYTHING you really need to know about THE BeatS of Gevaudan, in order to be able to form a correct opinion based on verifiable concrete elements and not on hazy theories or allegations devoid of common sense or serious foundation.

The causes of a conspiracy that motivated this bloody story as well as the means that were implemented to achieve its disastrous realization are clearly addressed in detail and without complacency.

The author, who is neither a historian nor an animal specialist, claims loud and clear the right to be able to think freely while ignoring a priori, beliefs, or other fashionable tendencies, and defines himself as an insatiable curious person who seeks to understand the facts to better explain them…

Year of publication of the current edition : 2021 (122 pages)

Editor : Edited by author

L'auteur :

Marc Saint-Val is the author of a detective series whose hero is Jean-Jean PIGNOL, as well as several books trying to shed light on the mysterious case of the BêteS of Gevaudan which for more than 250 years continues to raise many questions and debates...

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