Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Gilbert Bordes

The secrets of the forest

Livre Gilbert Bordes - Les secrets de la forêt

The little village of Villeroy, in Lozère, sees its former peace rattled by the ravages of an unknown beast. The animal disfigures children and teenagers, without killing them.

The most hardened hunters seem powerless. Fear grows, nourished by old resentments. The people hold everyone responsible: the ecologists who pushed for a nature reserve, the school that worked with dangerous animals, the gypsies who, very simply, they didn’t want to see in the village anymore, partially because of racism, partially because they scare people. 

The doctor Bertrand Juillet becomes more mixed up in the events than he would like. 

Year of publication of the current edition : 2013 (363 pages)

Editor : Pocket

The author :
Gilbert Bordes born in 1948 in Tulle in Corrèze, was a teacher and then a journalist. Today, he spends time on his two passions: violin making and writing.

A member of the school of Brive, he is the author of over fifty regional and historic novels. He won the RTL grand public prize for « The Night of Owls » and the Maison de la Presse prize for « Carrier of Destiny ». A great lover of nature, he has published notably « The Tomboy » and « Sing, Nightingale », from Press de la Cité.

Livre Gilbert Bordes - Les secrets de la forêt

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