Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

Bruno Fiard

Scarlet snow, chronicles of the unspeakable

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In a dark thriller, "The Scarlet Snow - Chronicles of the Unspeakable" reveals itself to be the witness of a descent into hell for a police officer whose methods, as murky as they are violent, reflect his past.

Lozère is plunged into a macabre nightmare, with a series of heinous and unexplained murders which catapult it more than two centuries back, into the most sinister hours of the history of Gévaudan.

Commissioner Branko Kuzman is forced to follow in the footsteps of the Beast, embarking on a terrifying hunt in search of a killer who is both cruel and Machiavellian.

In an oppressive atmosphere, each step he takes towards the truth brings him a little closer to the mortal danger lurking in the shadows.

Book Bruno Fiard - scarlet snow

Year of publication of the edition presented : 2023 (July 10) (272 pages)

Éditor : Le Lys Bleu

ISBN : 9791037798442

Novel (paperback) available on the publisher's website and on the net. (Amazon, FNAC …)

The author :

A fervent fan of detective novels, Bruno Fiard finally decided to write the type of story he likes to read. He has thus created a captivating dramatic universe, which he hopes to see develop in future intrigues, throughout the investigations of a commissioner indifferent to the established rules.

Book Bruno Fiard - scarlet snow

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